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Northeast Corridor Vision and Plans

In response to strong and continued demand for rail travel in the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak has developed a vision for Next Generation high-speed rail service on the NEC. Developed in consultation with its international peers, Amtrak’s NextGen Vision proposes dramatic trip time reductions between major cities, more frequent trains, and new, dedicated infrastructure for high-speed trains, while upgrading and enhancing existing infrastructure for the 2,000 commuter trains, 140 Amtrak trains, and 60 freight trains that use the NEC each day.

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Going forward, Amtrak will report Adjusted Operating Earnings as the key financial measure to evaluate results, Net Income/(Loss) will continue to be reported for reference. Adjusted Operating earnings represents Amtrak’s cash funding needs and is a reasonable proxy for Federal Operating Support needed in line with the appropriation.

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