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Monthly Ticket

Monthly tickets are valid for up to two trips a day (once in each direction) between the stations indicated on your ticket for an entire calendar month.

10-Ride Ticket

Ten-ride tickets are valid for ten rides within a 45-day, 60-day or 180-day period depending on your selected stations.

6-Ride Ticket

Six-ride student passes are valid for a 365-day period on Capitol Corridor trains between San Jose and Auburn, Downeaster trains between Boston, MA - North Station and Brunswick, ME and San Joaquins trains between the San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento and Bakersfield/Southern California.

Amtrak RideReserve

To allow all customers to distance themselves from each other onboard, and to ensure a seat for and account for every passenger, multi-ride ticket holders will need to confirm each trip (train and date) through Amtrak.com, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak agent prior to traveling on reserved services; thus, ensuring you have the safest and most comfortable journey possible. Learn more about RideReserve.

  • Amtrak RideReserve confirmations can be made through Amtrak.com, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak Agent.
  • You can have up to two confirmations per travel day; once in each direction.
  • You can make confirmations as early as 14 days prior to your departure date or as late as your scheduled departure time through Amtrak.com or the Amtrak app; or until your actual departure time via an Amtrak agent.
  • RideReserve confirmations initiated on Amtrak.com and the Amtrak app can only be made with an active multi-ride reservation containing a valid email address.
  • Only required on reserved services.
  • Seats may not be available on all trains at all times.
  • Your Multi-Ride ticket does not entitle you to travel without a RideReserve confirmation.
  • If you don’t use RideReserve to make your confirmation prior to boarding a train, you will be considered an unticketed passenger and current Amtrak Carriage of Passengers terms apply.

Review Ride History

Keep track of remaining rides for your six- and ten-ride tickets on Amtrak.com and in the app, including the date, time and service used for each trip. You can also review the number of rides remaining on your six- and ten-ride tickets by scanning your eTicket at any Quik-Trak kiosk.

Multi-Ride Tickets Are Not Transferable

Multi-ride tickets may only be used by the passenger whose name is on the ticket.

On the Pacific Surfliner only, more than one person may use a ten-ride ticket at one time. The person named on the ticket must be one of the passengers traveling and all passengers must travel together.

For Which Routes Can I Purchase Tickets?

Multi-ride tickets are available for travel on many routes, but restrictions vary by route, destination and time of day. Multi-ride tickets may not be used on long-distance trains, certain segments of short-distance trains or Acela trains.


Northeast Regional
Boston - New York - Washington, DC - Roanoke/Richmond - Norfolk/Newport News
Keystone Service
Harrisburg - Philadephia - New York
Boston North Station, MA - Brunswick, ME
Empire Service
New York - Albany - Rensselaer


Hiawatha Chicago - Milwaukee
Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg
Chicago - Galesburg - Quincy
Lincoln Service
Chicago - St. Louis
Missouri River Runner
St. Louis - Kansas City
Illini, Saluki
Chicago - Carbondale
Chicago - Detroit - Pontiac
Blue Water
Chicago - East Lansing - Port Huron
Pere Marquette
Chicago - Grand Rapids
Heartland Flyer
Oklahoma City - Fort Worth


Amtrak Cascades Portland - Eugene
Amtrak Cascades
Seattle - Mt. Vernon - Bellingham
San Joaquins
San Francisco/Oakland - Fresno - Bakersfield - Los Angeles
Capitol Corridor
San Jose - Oakland/San Francisco - Sacramento - Ashburn
Pacific Surfliner
San Luis Obispo - Santa Barbara - Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego


Charlotte - Greensboro - Raleigh - Rocky Mount
Charlotte - Raleigh