Multi-Ride Tickets & Rail Passes

Multi-Ride Tickets allow you to take multiple trips using one ticket within a set amount of time.

Monthly Ticket

Monthly tickets are valid for up to two trips a day (once in each direction) between the stations indicated on your ticket for an entire calendar month.

Ten Ride Ticket

Ten-ride tickets are valid for ten rides within a 45-day, 60-day or 180-day period depending on your selected stations.

Six Ride Ticket

Six-ride student passes are valid for a 365-day period. On Capitol Corridor trains between San Jose and Auburn, the pass is valid for all students with student ID. On Downeaster trains between Boston, MA - North Station and Brunswick, ME, the pass is valid only for students with a college ID. On San Joaquins trains between the San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento and Bakersfield/Southern California, the pass is valid for all students with student ID.


Confirm Your Trips with Amtrak RideReserve

To allow all customers to distance themselves from each other onboard, and to ensure a seat for and account for every passenger, monthly, ten-ride and six-ride multi-ride ticket holders will need to confirm each trip (train and date) through, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak agent prior to traveling on reserved services; thus, ensuring you have the safest and most comfortable journey possible. Learn More

  • Effective for travel beginning September 14, 2020.
  • Amtrak RideReserve confirmations can be made through, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak Agent.
  • You can have up to two confirmations per travel day; once in each direction.
  • You can make confirmations as early as 14 days prior to your departure date or as late as your scheduled departure time through or the Amtrak app; or until your actual departure time via an Amtrak agent.
  • RideReserve confirmations initiated on and the Amtrak app can only be made with an active multi-ride reservation containing a valid email address.
  • Only required on reserved services.
  • Seats may not be available on all trains at all times.
  • Your Multi-Ride ticket does not entitle you to travel without a RideReserve confirmation.
  • If you don’t use RideReserve to make your confirmation prior to boarding a train, you will be considered an unticketed passenger and current Amtrak Carriage of Passengers terms apply.

Review Ride History

Keep track of remaining rides for your six- and ten-ride tickets on and in the app, including the date, time and service used for each trip. You can also review the number of rides remaining on your six- and ten-ride tickets by scanning your eTicket at any Quik-Trak kiosk.

Multi-Ride Ticket Refunds

Refund rules vary depending on the type of ticket purchased, whether a ticket has been used already and when the refund request is made. See Refund and Exchange Policy for more information.

Multi-Ride Tickets Are Not Transferable

Multi-ride tickets may only be used by the passenger whose name is on the ticket.

However, on the Pacific Surfliner only, more than one person may use a ten-ride ticket at one time. The person named on the ticket must be one of the passengers traveling and all passengers must travel together.

For Which Routes Can I Purchase Tickets?

Multi-Ride Tickets are available for travel on many routes, but restrictions vary by route, destination and time of day. Multi-Ride Tickets may not be used on long-distance trains, certain segments of short-distance trains or Acela trains.

Northeast Regional
Boston - New York - Washington, DC - Roanoke/Richmond - Norfolk/Newport News
Keystone Service
Harrisburg - Philadephia - New York
Boston North Station, MA - Brunswick, ME
Empire Service
New York - Albany - Rensselaer
Hiawatha Chicago - Milwaukee
Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandburg
Chicago - Galesburg - Quincy
Lincoln Service
Chicago - St. Louis
Missouri River Runner
St. Louis - Kansas City
Illini, Saluki
Chicago - Carbondale
Chicago - Detroit - Pontiac
Blue Water
Chicago - East Lansing - Port Huron
Pere Marquette
Chicago - Grand Rapids
Heartland Flyer
Oklahoma City - Fort Worth
Amtrak Cascades Portland - Eugene
Amtrak Cascades
Seattle - Mt. Vernon - Bellingham
San Joaquins
San Francisco/Oakland - Fresno - Bakersfield - Los Angeles
Capitol Corridor
San Jose - Oakland/San Francisco - Sacramento - Ashburn
Pacific Surfliner
San Luis Obispo - Santa Barbara - Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego
Charlotte - Greensboro - Raleigh - Rocky Mount
Charlotte - Raleigh