When you travel on an Amtrak train, it's about more than just getting from place to place. It's about a ride that's a more enjoyable experience than other forms of transportation. Take a look at the features and amenities that await onboard, then book a trip, relax and enjoy your journey.

First Class Private Rooms

For a truly unique experience, Amtrak offers First Class private rooms — a perfect option for customers seeking privacy comfort and space.

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Seating Options

Compare onboard seating options and see the difference between Coach Class, Business Class or First Class seating.

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Baggage Info & Service

Take a look at the baggage guidelines for details on carry-on items, checked baggage and special items so you'll have everything you need for your trip.

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Onboard Dining

Find out more about the meals available on overnight trains, onboard Café services and the enhanced dining options for Acela customers.

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Personal Food & Medication

Before you begin your trip, read the guidelines for bringing personal food, beverages and medication onboard our trains.

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Bring Your Bicycle Onboard

If you'd like to ride our rails with your bike, we offer a number of different services to bring your bike onboard with you.

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Quiet Car

A welcome oasis of calm in a noisy world, the Quiet Car is available on many corridor trains so you can work or unwind in peace.

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Journey with WiFi

To help you stay connected when you travel, Amtrak WiFi is available in select trains and stations throughout the country.

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Pets on Trains

We happily welcome dogs and cats up to 20 pounds for trips of up to seven hours on most routes (some restrictions apply).

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Devices with Sound

All great adventures have background music, but we require all devices that emit sound (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) to use headphones so fellow passengers can travel in peace.