Special Dietary Requirements

Availability and Notice

Special menu selections, such as kosher meals are available on most overnight trains with 72-hour advanced notice. Vegan meals are available on the regular menu for Long Distance trains and do not require advance notice. Both vegan and kosher meals are available with 24-hour advanced notice for Acela First Class service. Vegetarian meals do not require advance notice.

To reserve your meal, call 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245). TTY service is available at 1-800-523-6590.

Kosher Meals

Kosher meals are prepared under rabbinical supervision and sealed until delivered to the passenger. Passover kosher meals will be served in lieu of regular kosher meals throughout the Passover period. Customers must call in advance to reserve.

Vegan Meals

Vegan meals are completely free of animal products, with no meat, dairy or egg products of any kind. They are also generally low in fat and sodium.

Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian meals contain no meat, but normally do contain dairy or egg products. There is always one meat-free item on every menu and passengers who want vegetarian (meat-free) items may select that; no special vegetarian meal request is required (or possible).

Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low Sodium, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Peanut Free Meals

Amtrak does not offer meals specifically designated as low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, gluten free, wheat free or peanut free. Most dinner entrees are not prepared on the dining car. The fat, cholesterol, sodium, gluten, wheat and peanut content may vary, and cannot be controlled or modified by the chef. Certain menu items are inherently low in fat, cholesterol and/or sodium and may be ordered from the regular menu. The waiter or lead service attendant can provide guidance.


Amtrak is unable to guarantee a peanut-free or allergen-free trip, and therefore, we strongly encourage that passengers with life-threatening or severe allergies take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure. Passengers must travel with all necessary medications for food allergies and be capable of self-administering these medications.

Plan for Contingencies

Due to events beyond our control, trains are sometimes delayed and supplies may become limited. If you have diabetes or special dietary requirements, please make sure that you carry sufficient nourishment with you to meet your dietary needs.

Additional Information