Meal Service for Passengers with a Disability

On all trains with food service options, passengers with a disability can request that meals be brought to their room or seat, depending on the type of food services on the train.

In-Room or At-Seat Meals

You may order from our menu and have your meal served to you in your room or at your seat. Meal services vary on each train.

  • On trains with counter service in Café Cars, passengers with a disability can request at-seat meal service or assistance accessing the Café. Once onboard, ask the conductor to make arrangements or call us prior to travel at 800-USA-RAIL to add your meal assistance requests to your reservation.
  • On trains with Traditional and Flexible Dining, passengers with a disability can request that meals be brought to their room. Dining in these cars is provided as an exclusive and complimentary offering for private room customers

Transferring to Meal Service Cars

Wheelchair access is limited on long distance trains. Once onboard the train, most access is limited to the boarding and passenger’s seating/sleeper areas. Depending on the equipment and Lounge car assigned to your train, there may be options to move from your car to the Lounge at a station stop. Your car attendant and Conductor will be able to tell you if your car has an accessible Lounge or Dining car and the duration between station stops and can assist with transferring cars at appropriate stops.

Special Dietary Requirements

Alternative menu options for those with special dietary requirements are available. Review these options along with the guidelines for bringing personal food, beverages and medication before your travel.