About Schedules and Timetables

Although schedules and timetables might sound like the same thing, they're actually different.

You can access a schedule when you search for travel on Amtrak.com. A schedule is a dynamically-generated result of travel search you perform and will provide you with a complete listing of available itineraries for your selected departure and arrival cities for a particular date or dates.

Schedule searches on Amtrak.com will give you the most up-to-date information available and let you find service information without knowing the name(s) of the route(s) serving your desired departure and arrival points. It can also provide you with optional itineraries for your travel if your initial request is sold out.

Timetables are or downloadable listings of departure and arrival times for Amtrak trains/services. Be sure to read the timetable key for important information about symbols and other information that spell out specific train service.

Because timetables do not reflect temporary schedule changes, confirm arrival and departure times with an online schedule search at Amtrak.com.