Tips for Savvy Travelers

Experienced Amtrak travelers know a thing or two about making their trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Now you can learn their secrets.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Planning is the key to making your journey as smooth as possible. Get a head start here.

Options for Seating

Learn all about Coach Class, Business Class, upper and lower levels, and onboard upgrade options for seating on Amtrak.

Options for Sleeping

Roomette? Bedroom? Suite? There's nothing comparable to a night in your own personal sleeping cabin. Learn all about your options for sleeping accommodations aboard Amtrak long-distance trains.

Meal & Dining Options

We offer many different meal options aboard Amtrak. Get the basics here.

Carry-On & Checked Baggage

A well-packed bag is one the train traveller's best friends. Get the scoop on what you can bring along with you here.

All About Fares & Pricing

Yes, it can be confusing. But this quick guide to fares and accommodation charges can help you understand how your tickets are priced.

Security & Identification

What you need to know about security practices and ID requirements at Amtrak. Understanding our policies will help make everyone's journey safer and smoother.