Tips for Savvy Travelers

Experienced Amtrak travelers know a thing or two about making their trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Now you can learn their secrets.

  • Pre-Departure Checklist 

Planning is the key to making your journey as smooth as possible. Get a head start here.

  • Route Guides

With over 500 destinations in 46 states, our route guides can get your gears turning to help you map out your ultimate Amtrak adventure.

  • Options for Seating

 Learn all about Coach Class, Business Class, upper and lower levels, and onboard upgrade options for seating on Amtrak.

  • Options for Sleeping

Roomette? Bedroom? Suite? There's nothing comparable to a night in your own personal sleeping cabin. Learn all about your options for sleeping accommodations aboard Amtrak long-distance trains.

  • Meal & Dining Options

We offer many different meal options aboard Amtrak. Get the basics here.

  • Carry-On & Checked Baggage

A well-packed bag is one the train traveller's best friends. Get the scoop on what you can bring along with you here.

  • All About Fares & Pricing

Yes, it can be confusing. But this quick guide to fares and accommodation charges can help you understand how your tickets are priced.

  • Security & Identification

What you need to know about security practices and ID requirements at Amtrak. Understanding our policies will help make everyone's journey safer and smoother.