Duplicate and Impossible Bookings

Duplicate and impossible bookings are prohibited.

Duplicate bookings include, but are not limited to, reservations on multiple trains by the same passenger on the same day between the same or similar cities on one or more itineraries, such as booking the 4 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm Acela trains between New York and Philadelphia.

Impossible bookings are reservations on trains for which it is impossible for the passenger to travel on both or all, such as a bedroom Seattle - Chicago on two consecutive days, or two separate reservation records between which a connection is not possible. Amtrak reserves the right to analyze its reservation system to find such bookings and will attempt to contact the passenger in advance to determine which one will be used; if unable to contact the passenger, Amtrak will retain the last reservation booked and cancel the others, whether or not paid for. Refunds for such cancellations will be determined by the refund rules that apply to the fare paid.