Our Sustainability Story

Amtrak established our first comprehensive Sustainability Policy in July 2013, laying the groundwork to incorporate the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, economic, and social considerations — into our decision-making processes. For Amtrak, corporate sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term value and balances the immediate needs of the organization with the needs of future generations. By doing so, we create lasting benefits for our stakeholders, including our passengers and employees, communities we serve, state partners and business partners.

Over the years, we have made a number of external sustainability commitments. We believe it is important to be transparent with our stakeholders, and our commitments allow us to share information and benchmark ourselves against others. See more details on our current and former commitments in our timeline and external commitments.

Our Sustainability Policy has led us to implement a corporate-wide Sustainability Program. The goal of this program is to increase sustainability awareness and integrate sustainability practices throughout our operations in a transparent and measurable way. We produce an annual Sustainability Report which helps us comprehensively communicate our progress as a company. See our most recent and previous reports.

AmtrakSustains Tidbits for Travelers
  1. Recycle your bottles, cans, and newspapers onboard our trains and at many Amtrak stations
  2. Save paper by downloading your eTicket on your smart phone or tablet.
  3. Bring your bike onboard with you on several Amtrak routes.
  4. Reduce paper waste by enjoying free access to a selection of electronic newspapers on Acela Express trains.

Amtrak employees play an important part in our sustainability initiatives. Mr. Danny Bolanos Sr., walks around his shop (L.A. Yard) daily and turns off all lights before leaving. Employees like Danny are the reason we continue to meet our energy reduction goal.