Sustainability at Amtrak

Amtrak embraces sustainability as a way to operate our passenger rail business. Our company-wide Sustainability Policy guides how we incorporate environmental, financial, and social considerations into our risk assessment processes and project outcomes. Over the course of the last decade we’ve implemented new technologies and changed employee behavior which resulted in reducing Amtrak greenhouse gas emissions by more than 237,227 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to 51,251 passenger vehicles driven for one year.. Now we’re focused on delivering safe and reliable service to our customers and we’re evaluating ways to improve operations in the face of changing climate conditions across the national network.

Sustainability Report - FY19

Our eighth annual report provides insights into our greatest social, environmental and economic achievements — like increasing our municipal waste recycling rate by nearly 5% in one year, investing over $700 million in Amtrak infrastructure projects, and reducing our electricity consumption by nearly 4%.

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Our Story

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, safely moving people between large cities and rural towns, and saving money are key to sustaining our business for decades to come.

Climate Adaptation

As severe weather and service disruptions become more frequent, we must continue to understand the threats across our system and implement solutions to resume safe, reliable operations.

Environmental Compliance

Amtrak’s Environmental and Sustainability Management System provides the framework for our commitment to compliance, leadership and stewardship of environmental resources.

Travel Green

Amtrak is 47 percent more energy efficient than traveling by car and 36 percent more energy efficient than domestic air travel on a per-passenger-mile basis.

Reports & Policies

We use policies to garner executive-level, cross-departmental support, while the annual reports are tools to communicate Amtrak’s achievements and ongoing efforts to stakeholders.

Recognition & Awards

Amtrak’s 21,000+ employees are behind every great idea and accomplishment. When that hard work is recognized by others, we want to tell you about it.