Third Party Resources

Engineering Specifications & Standards
Procedures and Design Criteria to be Employed by Electrification Consultants Engaged in the Design of Electrification Facilities
PDF, 305K
Amtrak EP-2031
Track Monitoring for Work Disturbing Roadbed
PDF, 1.1MB
Amtrak EP-3005 Specification 02081A
Pipeline Occupancy
PDF, 1.4MB
Amtrak EP-3005 Specification 02082A
Pipeline Occupancy – Additional Requirements for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) / Directional Boring
PDF, 577K
Amtrak EP-3014 Specification 01141A
Safety and Protection of Railroad Traffic and Property
PDF, 20K
Amtrak EP-3014 Specification 01142A
Submission Documentation Required for Amtrak Review and Approval of Plans for Bridge Erection, Demolition, and other Crane / Hoisting Operations over Railroad Right-of-Way
PDF, 15K
Amtrak EP-3014 Specification 01520A
Requirements for Temporary Protection Shields for Demolition and Construction of Overhead Bridges and Other Structures
PDF, 165K
Amtrak EP-3014 Specification 02261A
Requirements for Temporary Sheeting and Shoring to Support Amtrak Tracks
PDF, 388K
Amtrak EP-3016
Storm Water Drainage and Discharge from Adjacent Property onto Amtrak Right-of-Way
PDF, 25K
Amtrak Engineering Spec No. 150
Stormwater Management Policy
PDF, 106K
Amtrak Tier Table
Cable Duct, Trough & Enclosure Tiers & Static Wheel Load Ratings
PDF, 185K
C.E. 4
Specification for Wire, Conduit and Cable Occupations
PDF, 276K
Pipe Data Crossing Sheet (SK-6)
Sketch 6 of Amtrak EP-3005 Specification 02081A
PDF, 164K
XLS, 11K
Amtrak Design Exception Request
If the project does not meeting Amtrak’s standards provided above, a Design Exception Request must be submitted with your application.
PDF, 102K
Construction Insurance Requirements

Insurance Requirements

PDF, 167K
Contractor Safety Training
Contractor Safety Orientation Training PDF, 56K