Travel Agent Resource Center

Amtrak is pleased to support travel agents in the sale of the Amtrak products.

The following Amtrak booking channels are available to travel professionals:

  • Amtrak RailAgent (online booking channels): Available to Amadeus Agents through the AgentNet feature, members, International Travel Agents and International Tour Operators.
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDS): Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan.

Agent Discounts (AD75)

Amtrak is very pleased to offer the opportunity to learn about the Amtrak system through a special travel agent discount (AD75).


Effective November 1, 2013, Amtrak will pay base commission only to Amtrak National Account Partners — currently and AAA.

Ticketing and Debit Memos

Amtrak offers ticketing through the GDS as well as through several online booking channels.

Exchanges and Refunds

Travel Agents cannot exchange or refund tickets issued by Amtrak. However, tickets that have been produced through the GDS can be.

Collateral Orders

Brochures, timetables and other collateral items may be ordered quickly and easily on line at Orders are shipped via the United Parcel System (UPS) at no cost to the agency.

Other Useful Resources

Does Amtrak offer travel at a reduced rate for agents?

Amtrak is pleased to offer travel agents the opportunity to learn about the Amtrak system through a special travel agent discount, the Travel Agency Familiarization program (AD75). Employees of ARC-approved travel agencies with a valid IATAN card can experience train travel at 75% off the full one-way fare.

Can I accept an Amtrak voucher for payment?

Amtrak “Exchange Vouchers” are not ARC accountable documents. A passenger in possession of an Amtrak Exchange Voucher must redeem the voucher at an Amtrak ticket office.

Do I receive a commission if I book a reservation online?

Reservations made on are not eligible for commission. Amtrak pays 8% commission on long distance trains for agents who are or AAA National Account Partners. Travel Agency distribution channels include the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) — Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre and Worldspan — as well as tickets issued via travel agent websites provided by RailAgent.

I am a brand new travel agency, how do I sell Amtrak tickets?

There are several options available for travel agencies that wish to sell Amtrak tickets:

  • Amtrak Vacations — Agencies can sell Amtrak tickets and earn commission on reservations booked and ticketed through Amtrak Vacations, where one call does it all 1-866-326-8725.
  • ARC — Travel agencies that are accredited with the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) can issue Amtrak tickets through a GDS.
  • — Agencies that are part of the consortium have access to the RailAgent travel agent website to sell Amtrak. Please contact for more details.

How does an international travel agent or tour operator sell Amtrak tickets?

Amtrak RailAgent enables international travel agents and tour operators to offer Amtrak as a part of your clients' "Visit USA" itineraries. Some of the benefits of Amtrak RailAgent include:

  • Live connectivity to the Amtrak reservation system
  • Commission for agents and operators
  • Quick registration process
  • User-friendly web access
  • Accessible worldwide
  • Tickets on departure
  • Extensive information
  • Instant confirmation by e-mail

For more information, visit Amtrak RailAgent today or send an e-mail with your questions to If you are calling from the US or Canada, dial 1-800-805-9114; from the United Kingdom, 0808-234-4630; from Australia, 1-800-62-8923.

Can I accept an Amtrak Gift Certificate or Transportation Certificate as payment for Amtrak tickets?

At this time, travel agents cannot accept an Amtrak gift certificate as a form of payment. Amtrak Gift Certificates must be exchanged at an Amtrak ticket office.

ARC Accredited agencies can accept Transportation Certificates if your agency is able to issue a manual (handwritten) ticket. Transportation Certificates are considered type "B" Vouchers.

The ticket would be written for the full value of the reservation price, with the value of the voucher used as partial payment.

Exchange of rail tickets must be processed manually. Hand write tickets on an ARC Four-Flight Coupon. (GDS systems do not provide formats to automate the issuance of exchange tickets for rail travel.)

Once the manual ticket has been completed, the transaction is reported electronically through ARC as an exchange using ARC's Interactive Agency Reporting (IAR) tool.

Should you have further questions, please refer to your ARC Industry Agents' Handbook for instruction on how to write manual tickets and report the transaction in IAR.

Travel Industry Program Support (TIPS)

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm ET
Fax: (215) 349-1807
Domestic US Email:
International Agents and Tour Operators Email:


Travel Agents Only: 1-800-TEL-TRAK (800-835-8725)
Please use this number for making changes to reservations.

Technical Support

Travel Agents Only: 1-800-525-2550
Please use this number for assistance with technical support questions and information on current Amtrak promotions.

Customer Relations Department

Phone: 1-800-872-7245

To speak with Amtrak Customer Relations, please phone our Contact Center and ask for the Customer Relations Desk.

Group Department (Reservations for 20 or More Passengers)

Phone: 1-800-872-1477

International Groups

Phone: 01-951-879-7926

Amtrak Travel Agency Accounting

Contact for Debit Memos and incorrect billing of tickets.
Phone: (215) 349-4972
Fax: (215) 349-4968