Penn Station Access Infrastructure Project

MTA-Sponsored Railroad Improvement Plan Impacts Amtrak Customers Between New York & Boston

Amtrak is coordinating with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to support the Penn Station Access Project on the Hell Gate Line. This project will transform the region by constructing four new Metro-North stations in the Bronx and allowing Metro-North trains to travel to New York Penn Station for the first time. When completed in 2027, Amtrak and Metro-North customers will benefit from improved reliability, faster travel times, and more travel options. In addition to providing track access for the work, Amtrak is investing $500 million into this project.

What's the Timing of This Project?

Amtrak will be providing track outages to support MTA crews and contractors working on the Hell Gate Line infrastructure upgrades and bringing the line into a state of good repair. As part of the project, Amtrak needs to take one track out of service at a time to conduct this work. Since the Hell Gate Line currently features only two tracks in most places, removing one from service will result in northbound and southbound trains having to take turns operating on a single track on this segment.

The first phase of this project will last approximately eight months, between March and October 2023.

What Does This Mean for My Trip?

Beginning in Spring of 2023, single-tracking and other construction activity will impact Acela and Northeast Regional service between New York and Boston. Amtrak will implement a series of schedule adjustments and service changes to reduce the potential for delays. While this will not alleviate all potential delays, Amtrak is making every effort to ensure that impacts to customers are as minimal as possible and our trains can operate as close to on time as possible. However, some delays are possible if a train is out of its normal slot.

Thank you for your patience during this important infrastructure project.

The following schedule changes will go into effect beginning March 6, 2023:

  • Amtrak is adjusting most Acela and Northeast Regional departures between Boston, New York, and Washington by 5 - 15 minutes to help minimize delays.

Responding to overall customer demand while navigating the track outage, the following additional schedule changes will take place beginning April 3, 2023:

  • Amtrak will adjust additional Acela and Northeast Regional departures between Boston, New York, and Washington by 5 - 15 minutes.
  • New Acela and Northeast Regional frequencies, including a 5:15 pm Acela departure and a 5:35 pm Northeast Regional departure from Boston.
  • Additional early morning and late evening frequencies will operate between Washington and New York.
  • Trains 65/66/67 (the overnight service on the NEC) will terminate and originate in New York City. Commuters between Providence and Boston are encouraged to explore MBTA train schedules as an alternative.
  • Full detailed schedules are available on or the Amtrak App.

What are the Scope and Benefits of This Project?

This project will offer many benefits to underserved Bronx residents, including equitable transit access & faster trips to Manhattan via Metro-North trains. The project will also result in a modernized and rehabilitated railroad, benefitting Amtrak customers with a more comfortable and reliable journey. The work will include:

  • Adding eight miles of new tracks (expanding from a two-track to a four-track railroad in most locations)
  • Rehabilitating 11 miles of existing tracks
  • Rehabilitating four bridges
  • Adding four new interlockings
  • Modernizing signal, power, and communication infrastructure.
  • Construction of four new, fully accessible Metro-North stations

How Can I Find More Information About This Project?

Read more about the Penn Station Access Project on the MTA project page.

How Do I Stay Informed?

Amtrak is making every effort to ensure its customers have the information they need to get to and from their destinations.

  • To check the status of your train or to modify existing reservations, visit or the Amtrak App
  • Opt in to email or text alerts when booking your trip to be notified of real-time delays
  • Visit Amtrak’s Service Alerts and Notices page for additional service updates
  • Follow @AmtrakNECAlerts for timely updates about NEC Train Service

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