As America’s Railroad, Amtrak strives to deliver value for the American people and create a workplace that reflects our customers and the communities we serve.

We are cultivating an inclusive workplace culture that welcomes everyone – and we have a solid foundation to build upon. Our employees have a genuine respect and care for each other, and share a common commitment to service, teamwork and our Amtrak Values. Together, we are working to rebuild our core infrastructure and fleets, enhance station facilities, modernize the customer experience, and deliver Amtrak service to millions of customers in new markets across this country. This is meaningful work that is critical to our country’s future, and we believe it is best done by maximizing the diverse talents, skills and experiences of all employees.

We want all employees to feel like they belong at Amtrak. As CEO, I am committed to furthering our work to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where current and future employees experience a safe place to bring their authentic selves to work every day. I am proud of what we have accomplished together so far. I am confident in our future direction as we continue to evolve and improve.

Stephen Gardner
Amtrak Chief Executive Officer





We are People on the Move

This country has changed in many ways since Amtrak began over 50 years ago, and times have called on Amtrak to expand its horizons — both inside and outside the company.

As America’s railroad, we serve diverse communities, and our talent pool reflects the communities we serve. We are making transformational investments to not only upgrade trains, stations and infrastructure — but to hire people to bring rail to millions more Americans.

Our company’s future depends on enabling a talented team to reach its full potential. To be great, we must be a high-performing team where we value, trust and support each other across teams, functions and locations. Embedding diversity, inclusion and belonging deeper within our culture will continue to shape our interactions, influence how we get work done by building stronger collaboration, foster a welcoming environment free from harassment and discrimination and enhance employee engagement.

Increasing representation across the board for women and diverse groups at all levels throughout the organization will be a focus for us on our journey. We are building Amtrak as an excellent destination for new hires and employees who choose to stay and grow their careers with us.

Learn more about Amtrak’s strategic efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in our Annual Diversity Reports. Learn about opportunities available by visiting our Careers site.

Diverse and Inclusive Behavior Begins with Understanding

Amtrak is proud of its diverse workforce and is committed to creating a work environment where diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas are welcomed, celebrated and respected.

Every year Amtrak celebrates Black History Month, Women's History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Disability Pride Month to name a few.

We are building on our existing practices around celebrating and recognizing heritage months and observances to honor the diversity of our employees.

Our overarching efforts and commitment to diversity and inclusion are being noticed with recent recognitions from Forbes, Human Rights Campaign and Disability:IN as a best place to work.


We Must Move Together

Creating an inclusive environment not only makes for a better work environment it helps us best serve and understand our customers. Every day, we seek to develop new skills, knowledge and abilities to drive growth and innovation to help us maximize our business results. We work together to build a collaborative and connected community to achieve our shared goals and deliver results.

Serving Our Diverse Communities

Amtrak is about connecting communities. With a presence in more than 500 cities and towns nationwide, three Canadian provinces and the potential for expansion to 160 new markets, Amtrak strives to be a good neighbor and valuable partner to the communities we serve. We do this by engaging with the community to help our neighbors understand the scope and impact of Amtrak projects, while also serving as a conduit for community feedback, questions and concerns, supporting nonprofit organizations through programs like On Track for Good and volunteerism.

Through the On Track for Good program, Amtrak will donate round-trip transportation to support organizations committed to communities across the country, including those that promote diversity and inclusion.

Our vision is to award complimentary trips to nationally recognized organizations as well as local community-centered organizations. Your nonprofit could qualify for free round-trip travel to your next upcoming event.

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