• New York
  • Atlanta
  • New Orleans
30 hours Daily Departure

Convenient trips from the Big Apple to the Big Easy. With service from New York City to New Orleans, the Crescent gives travelers a unique window to the beauty and heritage of the American South. You can tour Monticello or enjoy a wine tasting in the charming Virginia college town of Charlottesville. Or enjoy a stroll through the vibrant shopping and dining scene of Underground Atlanta. As you travel further south, you'll reach New Orleans, where you never run out of things to do. From jazz clubs to Cajun restaurants to Mississippi riverboat rides, the city was simply built to entertain.

Features & Amenities

Amenities vary by train.

Dining Options

Meals on This Train

Westbound: Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Eastbound: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast

Sample Menus

Downloadable menus are updated regularly, but menu items and prices are subject to change and may be different from what is available onboard.

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Amtrak Thruway Service offers connecting transportation to Atlantic City, NJ, and Ocean City, MD, from the Crescent. Amtrak takes care of booking and ticketing, so you can see more and do more on your trip. 

Glide past cotton and tobacco fields and roll into charming towns like Charlottesville and Greenville. Experience big city energy mixed with southern hospitality in Atlanta and Birmingham. From the Big Apple to the Big Easy, “tomorrow is another day” for exploring and enjoying the places that inspired the likes of William Faulkner, Pat Conroy and Margaret Mitchell.

“The South is more than a region – it’s a state of mind…” — The Book of Southern Wisdom