Government Rail Travel Discount

Federal Government Business Travel with Amtrak— Nationwide

Amtrak offers federal government employees discounted fares for business travel within the Northeast Corridor, as well as discounts for business travel on Coach fares nationwide. To receive the Federal Government discount, reservations must be booked through a federal employee’s travel management company or corporate booking tool and may not be booked on 

In the Northeast Corridor

Travel between 70+ stations using the Northeast Regional, Keystone and Acela service with a 5% discount across each fare type in relevant markets.

No Refund Worries

We’ve removed the refund rules from our federal government fares, so your reservation is now fully refundable when booked through approved channels, provided your reservation is canceled prior to departure.

  • Cancel your reservation through, the Amtrak app, by calling us at 1-800-USA-RAIL, or with an Amtrak Station Agent. Cancellations made prior to departure will be refunded 100%.
  • No shows/no-cancellations will be forfeited.

Included Amtrak Services

National Network

  • Federal government travelers will find discounted fares available across the country on coach fares.
  • Business Class, Private Rooms or other upgrades are excluded from the Amtrak Federal Discount Program but are available to book as upgrades. Refund rules for those upgrades will apply.
  • The Canadian Maple Leaf service offers the Federal Discount through Niagara Falls, NY.
  • Discounts apply to all dedicated Amtrak Thruway bus services. Dedicated means Thruway services contracted by or operated by Amtrak. Where non-dedicated Thruway buses are available (i.e., Greyhound), the discount will not apply.

Benefits to Amtrak Rail Travel

  • Travel Sustainably
    Travel sustainably on Amtrak trains, which emit up to 83% less greenhouse gases than driving and up to 73% less than flying
  • Accomplish More
    Complementary WiFi and electrical outlets allow you to continue to work while traveling.
  • Take Advantage of Flexible Scheduling
    Mix and match coach and Acela schedules while traveling within the Northeast Corridor.
  • Ride Comfortably
    Enjoy more seat and legroom, the ability to move around, access to Lounge Cars.
  • Environmentally Friendly Long Distance Travel
    Amtrak is focused on delivering safe and reliable service to our customers and we’re committed to improving our operations in the face of changing climate conditions across the national network.
  • Loyalty Program
    Join to start earning points toward travel, hotels, car rentals and more.

Why Should I Choose Amtrak for My Travel?

  • Amtrak’s commitment to keeping you safe — enhanced and more frequent cleaning on trains and in stations.
  • Electrical outlets at each seat allow you to work or relax.
  • Generous baggage policy.
  • Freedom of movement while traveling.
  • Lounge Cars offers food and beverages.
  • City center to city center service in most areas. Avoid the hassle, time and expense of parking and finding the next step in transportation to your destination.
  • Quiet cars on each Northeast Corridor train.
  • More seat and legroom.
  • No refund fees.

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