Kids 'n' Trains

Experience the Excitement of Train Travel on the Pacific Surfliner and San Joaquins Trains

Kids 'n' Trains is an exciting, seasonal program on Pacific Surfliner and San Joaquins trains where school and youth groups (grades K - 12 or ages 5 to 18) plus chaperones can experience train travel at significantly reduced fares. Everyone in the group, both children and adults, may ride at the same low price.

Groups can explore California and its rich history while visiting educational destinations along the way. A Kids 'n' Trains trip can support classroom curriculum, special projects, fields of study, or as a way to just simply have a fun excursion by train.

To make a reservation for the Kids 'n' Trains travel program, submit your reservation request form more than 30 days in advance of your requested departure date. Tickets may be purchased at least seven days before departure if the date of travel is approved.


To request a reservation, complete the downloadable reservation request form, save the file and forward it to Amtrak Group Sales by fax at 1-800-872-3298 or email to Submit your reservation request form more than 30 days of your travel date. Include two alternate dates of travel should your first and second choices are unavailable.

The minimum number of passengers required is 15 persons. The maximum number of passengers allowed in a group is 125. Each reservation request, regardless of group size, is individually reviewed and approved based on space availability. Some requests, regardless of group size, may be denied for travel if space is not available. If the travel request is approved, a confirmation letter is forwarded to you by email or fax in seven days.

Once you've received confirmation of travel, your name list can be submitted at Select “My Trip,” enter your reservation number and either the email address or telephone number, then select “Find Trip.” Add each passenger individually by clicking “Add Traveler.” A name will be needed for each passenger on the reservation. Once all required names have been added, click “Submit.” Any changes to the name list must be submitted via email or modified on at least one week prior to departure.

Purchasing Tickets

Ticket Purchase Options

After the group travel confirmation letter is received, you may purchase your tickets in one of two ways:

Option #1

Tickets may be purchased with a credit card or a personal check made payable to Amtrak. If payment is by credit card, contact Amtrak Group Sales at 1-800-872-1477, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm, ET. If payment is by personal check payment, make the check payable to Amtrak in the amount due for the group travel tickets. Include your group name and reservation number the check and mail to: Amtrak Group Sales Department, 2198 Hornig Road, Philadelphia, PA 19116.

Option #2

Tickets may be purchased at a staffed Amtrak station no later than seven days prior to your trip or the group reservation is automatically cancelled. Provide your reservation number to the station ticket agent and tickets may be purchased by cash, credit card or business check made payable to Amtrak. Personal checks and purchase orders are not accepted at the station.


A minimum of one designated chaperone is required for every six students. Designated chaperones are adults specifically responsible and accountable for students participating in the program. Chaperone guidelines are as follows:

  • Group leaders and adult chaperones are responsible for the conduct and supervision of their group at all times at the station, onboard trains, at Amtrak Thruway bus stops and onboard connecting Amtrak Thruway buses.
  • Arrive at your station at least one hour prior to departure. Trains and Thruway buses will not wait for groups or individuals who arrive late.
  • Before boarding, the group leader should identify the group to the train conductor and/or bus driver. The conductor or other railroad personnel and/or bus driver will provide your group seating instructions.
  • Keep your group together as much as possible onboard the train.
  • Avoid crowding aisles and passageways between train cars.
  • Music players and other electronic devices are allowed when used with earphones or headsets.
  • Use trash and recycle receptacles and keep the area around your group clean and free of debris, especially when exiting the train or Thruway bus.


Amtrak welcomes passengers with disabilities. Accessibile services are available at most locations. However, not all Amtrak stations can currently accommodate wheeled mobility device boarding. Amtrak meeting specific boarding requirements depends on the availability of station facilities. Federal regulations implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act control the number of wheeled mobility device locations on intercity trains and do not require that all intercity rail stations be accessible. Check with Amtrak Group Sales prior to purchasing your tickets and to be sure that Amtrak can accommodate every member of your group at your origination and destination locations. Review our Accessible Travel Services or call Amtrak Group Sales at 1-800-872-1477 for more information.


Your tickets are to be presented to the conductor on the train and they are non-refundable even if the total number of passengers traveling in your group is less than the paid amount. Stolen or misplaced tickets will incur a non-refundable $75 ticket replacement fee. Groups are not permitted to board the train without a ticket. A passenger name list is to be submitted to Amtrak Group Sales prior to payment. Changes to the name list may be sent by email ( or fax (1-800-872-3298). A copy of the name list is also to be provided to the train conductor.

Cafe Car

Limit the number of students (18 years of age or younger) visiting the Cafe Car at any given time to five people. Students must be accompanied by the group leader or a designated chaperone at all times. For your convenience, the Cafe Car accepts cash, debit cards and most credit cards

Kids ‘n’ Trains Box Lunches (Special Order)

Make your Kids 'n' Trains experience even better with our Kids 'n' Trains Box Lunch. At just $6.50 (each), Box Lunches are available by advance special order only. The minimum order is 50 box lunches.

Kids 'n' Trains Box Lunches include:

  • 1/2 Sandwich (Turkey and American Cheese on Wheat Bread)
  • Goldfish Graham Cookies (Chocolate or Cinnamon)
  • Lay's Classic Potato Chips (small bag)
  • Naturally Sweetened Applesauce
  • Box Juice Drink (assorted flavors)
  • Total Calories: 636 (No trans fat)

How to Order

To request Kids 'n' Trains Box Lunches for your group (of 50 or more), email at least two weeks in advance of your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum number of passengers allowed in a group?

A. The maximum number of passengers allowed in a group is 125. Each reservation request, regardless of group size, is individually reviewed and approved based on space availability. Some requests, regardless of group size may be denied for travel if space is not available. Providing alternate travel dates increases the opportunities for the reservation request of being approved for travel.

Q. Can I add passengers to my group after I've submitted my request?

A. Increasing the group size at the Kids 'n' Trains special low fares is not permitted. Additional passengers may purchase full-fare tickets for the same trip (space permitting). Due to the special arrangements made to accommodate groups, there is no guarantee that add-ons will be able to sit with the rest of the group. To purchase full-fare tickets for additional passengers, visit

Q. Why is the wait up to seven business days to learn if my group travel request has been approved?

A. The Kids 'n' Trains Program is a discount program which takes advantage of available seats based on existing reservations and expected availability.

Fares, routes, schedules, services and program policies are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply.