Quiet Car

Need a quiet space to work or unwind? Quiet Cars are available on many corridor and short-distance trains. Guests are asked to limit conversation and speak in subdued tones. Phone calls are not allowed and all portable electronic devices must be muted or used with headphones (passengers using headphones must keep the volume low enough so that the audio cannot be heard by other passengers). Low overhead lighting creates a restful atmosphere for all passengers, but reading lights are available.

Unless your trip is on Acela, seating in the Quiet Car is on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved. There is no additional charge to sit in the Quiet Car, but passengers are asked to occupy only one seat per person. Please do not use adjacent seat space for personal belongings. Passengers who board trains and find that seats are only available in the Quiet Car must follow the Quiet Car guidelines.

Look for the Quiet Car symbol on the following trains:

  • Acela: Adjacent to First Class car
  • Northeast Regional: Adjacent to Business Class car
  • Keystone Service: Adjacent to locomotive
  • Hiawatha Service: Rearmost car
  • Blue Water: Check with conductor
  • Select Wolverine trains: Check with conductor
  • Select Capitol Corridor trains: Check with conductor
  • Select Empire Corridor trains: Adjacent to locomotive