Acela Dining

The safety of our passengers remains our first priority, and we thank you for taking your journey with us. In order to ensure your safety during this time, we will temporarily be offering limited menus.

Café Acela

Open to All Acela Passengers

Great food is hard to find when you're rushing to catch your train. You don't need to settle for something just "good enough" anymore when you join us in Café Acela. The Corridor Café menu will not only satisfy your hunger cravings but delight your palate.

The Corridor Café features many popular brands including Crafthouse Cocktails, DiGiorno, Dogfish Head, Dunkin’ and other quality providers, featuring entrees, snacks, freshly brewed Dunkin' coffee and craft beers. With most items priced under $9 and ready in minutes, you can have a bistro experience and savor the unique flavor of the Corridor Café.

At-Seat Meals

Exclusive to First-Class Passengers

We look forward to welcoming you in Acela First Class. Once onboard, you'll enjoy at-seat service provided by our onboard staff of First Class attendants. Our usual selections of Acela First Class beverages are available. Glassware and ice are available upon request. We appreciate your understanding.