Packing Your Luggage

Before you arrive at the station, make sure your baggage is packed appropriately in suitable containers.

All items should contain an ID tag. Free tags are available at our stations.

Containers must be able to withstand necessary handling and weather elements. Unsuitable containers like plastic containers, trash bags, containers that let sharp/pointed items protrude, or containers that cannot securely hold their contents or prevent exposure to weather will not be accepted.

Items being transported for business or resident relocation are not allowed. Contents must be necessary for wear, use, comfort, or convenience of the passenger for the purpose of the trip.

Sleeping Car Accommodations

If you will be traveling in one of our sleeping cars, we recommend you follow these baggage limits to get the most out of your experience and avoid storage issues:

  • Roomette: Two overnight bags
  • Family Bedroom: Two to three suitcases
  • Bedroom: Two suitcases
  • Accessible Bedroom: Two suitcases and a wheelchair