Road Trip Planning? Get the Best of Road Tripping Minus the Hassles.

Skip the Stress of Planning a Road Trip and Simplify with Amtrak Train Travel

Thinking about planning a road trip? Few things beat embarking on a travel adventure and seeing beautiful scenery whiz by your window as you work your way toward your final destination. But driving a vehicle long distances can be exhausting, and fuel costs can add up quickly. Is there a better option?

The fact is, this kind of planning can be complex, and whether you're leaving for a long weekend or an entire month, figuring out travel logistics can be daunting. So next time you start your road trip planning, instead of driving yourself, reconsider and explore the benefits of traveling by train.

Many people prefer to travel with Amtrak because train travel provides many benefits associated with road trip travel, without the hassles and high cost. On a train, you get to enjoy all the gorgeous scenery as you relax comfortably in your seat or private room. Stretch your legs, read a book or take a nap — there's no worry about watching the gas gauge or the traffic on the road.

Trip planning for train travel is easy on It's simple to reserve tickets, get station details, and learn about baggage policies in one convenient online location. You can even add a hotel or rent a car, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites for your travel needs.

Think train travel is too costly? Think again. With travel alternatives continuously increasing in price, more people are traveling by train and loving the experience. The cost of airline tickets keeps going up and road trips are no longer the cheap alternative, with fuel costs hitting record highs in some areas of the country.

In addition, Amtrak offers many types of discounts and travel options to fit any budget:

Road trip planning can be a aggravating. Take some stress out of the process by choosing to travel by train. You'll get to sit back and enjoy all the wonderful Amtrak amenities while you watch the world go by right outside your window.