Dining Car

Most long-distance trains include a dining car serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals for passengers with sleeping accommodations and all Auto Train passengers (no matter which class you're traveling) are included in the price of the train ticket. Coach class passengers may dine for an additional charge. Hours of operation of food service cars vary, so check when you get onboard. Credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Discover) are accepted for payment in dining cars on all trains that offer food service.

Reservations in the Dining Car

Passengers are asked to make reservations for lunch and dinner. Reservations are taken in 15-minute increments for a more pleasant dining experience, assuring passengers of receiving quality service from Amtrak staff and preventing the dining cars from becoming overcrowded during peak meal times.

After boarding, a dining car staff member will go through the train asking passengers to select a preferred time for dining. Reservations are taken during each meal's service hours, except for breakfast. Passengers will be seated as they present themselves at the dining car. If the dining car is full, names will be taken, and passengers will be called in order from the lounge.

Normal Service and Reservation Hours

Breakfast: 6:30 - 10 am (no reservations); board by 9:30 am
Lunch: 11:30 am - 3 pm; board by 2:30 pm
Dinner: 5 - 9:30 pm; board by 8:30 pm

Exceptions apply to certain trains.

Dining Car Menus

Rotating Offerings, More Meal & Beverage Selections

Dining cars feature seasonal menus with a variety of entree selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complement your meal with our selection of cocktails, beer and wine as well as coffee, tea or soft drinks. Be sure to leave room for dessert, there's something to satisfy every sweet tooth. In addition to our regular menu items, kids can get all their favorites onboard.

Get a taste of some of our selections here then visit each route detail page to see all the menus available on each train. Downloadable menus are updated regularly, but menu items and prices are subject to change and may be different from what is available onboard.