Charter Your Own Private Train

For a truly unique personalized train travel experience, charter a private train for your organization? Let Amtrak customize a private charter train for meetings, retreats, events or conventions based on the size of your group and your group's individual needs. We can arrange a charter train for any kind of group, including corporate meetings, incentive trips, sports teams or rail fan excursions.

Why Charter?

  • Customized trip planning — catering, decorating and special activities.
  • Flexible itinerary — depart according to your schedule.
  • Opportunity to mingle and visit with your group — have meetings onboard or just socialize.

Equipment & Accommodations

Choose from a fleet of First Class, Business Class and Bistro cars or an exclusive club-conference car. With a range of options, we can configure a charter train to meet the needs of your group, whether it be basic transportation or an onboard cocktail party.

Special Services

To personalize your experience, we offer guidance and assistance in catering of your charter train. Let us work take care of the details and work with your advertising or event management firm to set up onboard entertainment or in-station events. Security requirements can easily be arranged for VIP clients or celebrities, including special boarding processes to ensure privacy.

Food & Beverages

Customized menus are available, with choices ranging from light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to full meals and a full bar selection. We work with a variety of preferred caterers that can arrange boxed meals, hors d'oeuvres or entrees.


Amtrak will be much more selective and restrictive in determining the charter services we will perform. Charters must operate on existing Amtrak routes; must not be one-time trips; and must generate sufficient profit to justify the diversion of resources and assets to execute them.

Pricing starting at $30,0001.

Scheduling a Move

For more information about scheduling a move, email

Guidelines for Charter Trains Operated by Amtrak

Additional Disclosures

1 Starting price is the approximate minimum to operate on the NEC and does not include additional services (i.e., special services, food and beverages, additional staffing, host railroad charges, etc.). Any terms agreed to in the course of contract negotiations are subject to change until the completion of a written and signed contract. This also holds true for any preliminary price estimate(s) provided which shall infer no obligation or intention to provide any services in the future. Until such time as agreement is reached on all terms, and the signature of both parties rendered on the written contract, Amtrak is not bound by any of the individually agreed to terms made in the course of the contract negotiation. No party to the contract should take any action in reliance upon any of the agreed upon terms until the execution of a fully ratified contract.