Amtrak RideReserve

Passengers traveling with a Multi-Ride Pass (monthly, ten-ride or six-ride) on reserved services, a USA Rail Pass on reserved and unreserved services or with a regional rail ticket on reserved services where travel on specified Amtrak trains is permitted and requires ride confirmations will need to confirm their intended trip prior to boarding. This allows us to ensure a seat onboard for each passenger and to account for every passenger traveling; thus ensuring you have the safest and most comfortable journey possible.

With improved communications for RideReserve travelers, you can plan and manage your travel with email, text and push travel notifications including gate and track notifications, delay notifications, schedule changes and disruption notices.

If your plans change, be sure to cancel and re-book your confirmation for the train you plan to take. It's easy to do right from the app and on

Making an Amtrak RideReserve confirmation is easy — just follow these three simple steps:

Retrieve Your Pass

Retrieve your pass or commuter ticket.

Choose a Trip

Confirm the train you plan to take.

Trip Confirmed

You're now ready to board and travel.