Discounts for Passengers with Disabilities and Companions

Amtrak offers a 10% rail fare discount to adult passengers with a disability. Passengers with a disability travelling on Downeaster trains (Boston, MA to Portland, ME) are eligible for a 50% discount. Child passengers with a disability are eligible for the everyday 50% child discount plus an additional 10% off the discounted child's fare, regardless of the service on which they travel.

Amtrak also offers a 10% discount for persons traveling with a passenger with a disability as a companion. Those designated as a companion must be capable of providing the necessary assistance to the passenger with a disability.

You must provide written documentation of your disability at the ticket counter and when boarding the train. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Transit system ID card for persons with a disability
  • Membership card from a disability organization
  • Letter from a physician
  • Medicare card, if under 65
  • Veteran's Administration ID with “Service Connected”
  • Disabled/Accessible parking placard issued by a state Department of Motor Vehicle (photocopy is acceptable).

Discount Limitations

  • May not be combinable with other discount programs; refer to the terms and conditions for each offer or ask your reservations sales agent for further details about restrictions.
  • On the Auto Train, only passengers traveling with their own wheeled mobility device (wheelchair or scooter) qualify for the passengers with disability discount.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.