Sleeping Accommodations on Long-Distance Train Routes

Sleeping accommodations are available on most long-distance routes. Amtrak trains traveling on long-distance routes typically use either two-level Superliner or one-level Viewliner train car equipment, each of which include bedrooms arranged in various configurations and private and public bathrooms and showers.

Superliner vs. Viewliner - What's the Difference?

Single-level Viewliner sleeping cars have two rows of windows per room and are on trains that travel to/from New York City, while bi-level Superliner sleeping cars are used for many other routes across the country.

Superliner Sleeping Car

Upper Level

Lower Level

Superliner Sleeping Car: Lower Level

What's Included

Priority boarding

Turn-down service

All meals onboard

Viewliner Sleeping Car

Viewliner Sleeping Car

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most sleeping car rooms are designed to comfortably accommodate two averaged-sized adults, one in each berth. Some rooms can accommodate more. On Superliner trains, for example, Family Bedrooms are designed to accommodate two adults and two children. Bedrooms (not Roomettes, Family Bedrooms or Accessible Bedrooms) can be combined to create Bedroom Suites. In addition, lower berths in all Bedrooms (but not Roomettes) can accommodate two small adults or children, allowing up to three to share a room.

  • The purchase of sleeping accommodations is considered to be an upgrade to your regular rail fare. The charge is applied as an add-on, usually to the lowest rail fare available. When you share a sleeper, you will be charged only one accommodation charge for all parties sharing the sleeping accommodation. Each passenger pays regular rail fare.

    Sleeping car accommodation charges vary according to customer demand. In general, we suggest you book early to get the best price.

  • Yes. You and your sleeping car companions (up to the maximum passenger capacity for your accommodation) are entitled to receive all regular meals as part of your accommodations.  

  • You can reserve sleeping accommodations when you make your reservations. Sleeping car accommodations are subject to availability, so plan ahead and reserve your preferred sleeping accommodations early.

  • Specific rooms may not be reserved online, so rooms are automatically assigned when your reservation is completed. Your ticket will show your exact car and room number. To change rooms, call us at 1-800-USA-RAIL and we’ll let you know if any other rooms are available.

  • Yes. Sleeping car passengers are entitled to a range of hotel-like amenities, including fresh linen and towel service and complimentary bottled water. In addition, you and your companions enjoy access during your voyage to ClubAcela and Amtrak Metropolitan Lounges located at select stations.

  • Sometimes. If unsold space is still available, you can purchase sleeping accommodations onboard trains. Speak with the Conductor for more information.

    Although sleeping accommodations are occasionally available onboard, don't rely on last-minute availability. Sleeping car accommodations often sell out completely. For best results, book well in advance of travel.