West Train Routes

When riding through the West aboard Amtrak, you'll understand why optimism and opportunity are so much a part of the American spirit. Whether you're exploring all the California train routes, or taking your own epic trip from the Great Plains through the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coastline, you'll have a ringside seat to some of the most spectacular sights this country has to offer.


Southwest Chief

Chicago - Albuquerque - Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the stunning geography and iconic images of an old Western. Watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon and set on Sedona’s red cliffs. Discover nature’s breathtaking artistry in the Painted Desert. Retrace the Santa Fe Trail. Glide past expansive plains and cross the Continental Divide to reach the glistening waters of the Pacific.

"This landscape is animate: it moves, transposes, builds, proceeds, shifts, always going on, never coming back…" — Ann Zwinger