The Greatest Attractions in Chicago are Waiting for You with Amtrak

Experiencing All of the Exciting Chicago Attractions is Easy with Amtrak Travel Deals

Is Chicago your kind of town? You'll never know until you visit. As the third-largest city in the United States, Chicago has the sought-after destinations you might expect. There are so many more attractions in Chicago you may not have heard of yet. Exploring these hidden gems is half the fun. Here are just a few of the attractions in Chicago waiting for you.

Chicago Sports

Chicago has a long, proud sports tradition. From Michael Jordan's Bulls to Walter Payton's Bears and Bobby Hull's Blackhawks, there is a team for every sports buff in Chicago. Fans can head to the lakefront to see the new Soldier Field or travel north to take in the ivy wall of Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs.If you love to follow celebrity news and are the first in line for the hottest box office releases, you must visit Hollywood. This is where film magic happens, and just exploring the area can leave you starry eyed. Take a tour of a film studio, check out the Hollywood walk of fame, and do some shopping - you might even see a celebrity.

The Museum Campus of Chicago

Sharing the lakefront with Solider Field are three amazing venues that any visitor simply must see. The Fields Museum contains over 24 million specimens and with only a small portion of them on display at any time, you're guaranteed to see something new whenever you visit. If aquatic animals are more your interest, the Shed Aquarium will introduce you to more than 32,500 animals from all over the world. Finally, if you want to gaze at the stars, Adler Planetarium is the perfect destination.

Other Attractions in Chicago

The Windy City is more than just big sports stadiums and amazing museums. Second City — one of the world's premier improv comedy theatres has been delighting audiences for more than 50 years. Also located on the north side of the city is the Lincoln Park Zoo. On the south side of town the Willis Tower — formerly known as the Sears Tower — and the Pillar of Fire are must see destinations.

Chicago Transportation

All of these destinations are less than six miles from Chicago's Union Station, allowing you to take the train right into the heart of Chicago and walk to your most anticipated Chicago attractions. Union Station is serviced by 11 different train routes, assuring that no matter where you're coming from, Amtrak can bring you to the sights and sounds of Chicago.

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