Amtrak Fares

Amtrak offers a variety of fares.

  • On reserved trains, a range of fares may apply; lower fares are more widely available at certain times of the year.
  • Amtrak will quote and price your travel at the lowest fare available at the time you make your reservation.
  • On unreserved trains, the lowest fares may be restricted during peak travel periods.
  • Changes to your itinerary may affect the fare, and a fee may apply when tickets are reissued.
  • Some discount fares may require purchase in advance of travel, and may be non-refundable.
  • Certain fares are subject to significant cancellation penalties.

Amtrak will exercise reasonable efforts to ensure that all fares it publishes are accurate and available for sale, but Amtrak reserves the right to correct any erroneously published fare that Amtrak did not intend to offer for sale. In the event that an erroneous fare is inadvertently published for sale and a ticket is issued at the erroneous fare before it has been corrected, Amtrak reserves the right to cancel the ticket purchase and refund all amounts paid by the purchaser or, the purchaser's option, to reissue the ticket for the correct fare.

Looking for details about the types of fares and their refund rules? The guide to fares has more information.