Travel by Train in PA


Reasons to Ride

Enjoy the Ride with Amtrak

Amtrak Keystone and Pennsylvanian trains get you to where you need to be, without the frustrations of driving. Just think — no traffic, no tolls, no potential roadblocks. While you kick back and relax, let us do the driving. Arrive at the station minutes, not hours before departure and skip airport headaches. Convenient parking is available at most stations.

Included in the Cost of Your Ticket

Pack your bags with a no-stress state of mind. With Amtrak, two bags and two carry-ons per customer are included in the cost of your ticket. Also included in the price is guaranteed generous legroom and spacious seats, with complimentary WiFi at your disposal throughout your trip.

Bring Your Bike

Cover more ground on your next adventure by bringing your bike. For a fee, you can make a reservation on a Keystone train and carry your bike onboard. The Pennsylvanian route offers checked bike service at select stations. Participating stations include Pittsburgh, Altoona, Johnstown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Newark and New York City.


Stay Connected with Free WiFi

Large Seats and Plenty of Legroom

Bring Your Bike