• St. Paul/Minneapolis
  • Milwaukee
  • Chicago
7 hours 24 minutes Daily

Roll past gentle hills and picturesque farmland between the bustling hubs of Chicago and the Twin Cities. Scale Sugar Loaf Bluff in Winona and watch the Mighty Mississippi roll by. Dive into family fun in the Dells and sample culture, curds and a tall cold one in Milwaukee.

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Glide past the red barns and green pastures of America’s Dairyland, where rolling hills give way to towering limestone bluffs that rise above the Mississippi. Discover the heart of the Upper Midwest as Amtrak takes you from the Windy City’s wide avenues to some of America’s most charming small town Main Streets.

“…Nothing that picks you up in its arms and so gently, almost lovingly, cradles you as do these southwestern Wisconsin hills.” — Frank Lloyd Wright