About Tickets

About Your Amtrak Tickets

Evidence of Fare Paid

Tickets are evidence of fare paid and must be surrendered for cancellation or inspection by any conductor or authorized carrier representative.

Tickets Are Valid:

  • Between the stations listed on the ticket.
  • For the class of service and accommodations listed on the ticket.
  • Within the validity period stated on the ticket.
  • Subject to other conditions as stated on the ticket.

Tickets Are Void if:

  • They bear alterations or erasures.
  • Passenger receipt is detached.
  • Presented for passage by any person(s) other than the individual or party for whom they were originally purchased, unless authorized by fare code rules.

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Tickets

Your Tickets Have Value

Please safeguard your tickets as you would cash. Amtrak is not liable for lost, stolen, misplaced or destroyed tickets.

Tickets Required for Travel

You cannot travel on lost tickets. To be able to travel, you must repurchase your tickets.

Refund for Lost Tickets

You may apply for a refund for lost or destroyed tickets. To do so, please download, print out, complete and sign the Lost Ticket Refund Application Form. Please mail the completed form to the address indicated on the form. You may not apply for a refund online.

Lost Ticket Receipt Requests

If you have lost your ticket stub you may request a ticket receipt copy by calling Amtrak at 1-800-USA-RAIL and ask for the refund department. A $20.00 fee will be assessed per reservation and a credit card is required to complete the transaction. The ticket receipt copy will be faxed or mailed to you.

Important Reminders

  • You may submit an application for refund up to one year from the purchase date of the lost tickets.
  • You must provide ticket numbers for lost tickets. For this reason, we suggest you write down your ticket numbers when your first purchase your tickets.
  • We charge substantial service charges and refund fees to make refunds for lost or destroyed tickets.
  • Not all tickets are eligible for refund.
  • Applications for refunds for lost tickets are held for five months from the date of receipt before processing.

Additional terms and conditions apply. Please download and refer to the Lost Ticket Refund Application Form for details.