How to Offset Your Amtrak Carbon Emissions


We take our emissions seriously. Over the last decade, we’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 17% and we’ve committed another 2.6% reduction in FY20. We asked our #AmtrakTakeMeThere Social Media Residents to ride our trains across the United States, this past year. While taking Amtrak is the most energy-efficient way to travel these routes; we decided to offset their nearly 5 metric tons of CO2e travel emissions through our partnership with ClimeCo.

This is equivalent to the CO2e emissions from 539 gallons of gasoline or charging over half a million smartphones for 2hrs!

Did you know you can offset your Amtrak travel emissions?

All Amtrak customers have the option to offset emissions from their travel, which directly contributes to projects like renewable energy development, energy-efficient technologies, and reforestation. Start shrinking your Amtrak carbon footprint by visiting ClimeCo.

Customers can offset their Amtrak travel emissions in two ways:

  1. Purchase carbon credits directly from ClimeCo
  2. Using your Amtrak Guest Rewards to support carbon reduction projects with ClimeCo