High Speed Rail & NEC Infrastructure Upgrades

Next Generation High-Speed Rail Infrastructure Improvements

In preparation for the introduction of the new, next generation Acela fleet, Amtrak is taking steps to improve its infrastructure.

We’re Making Major Upgrades to Improve the Northeast Corridor

Amtrak is upgrading its infrastructure to increase track capacity, improve ride quality and offer greater reliability along the Northeast Corridor. This includes:

  • Constructing a new platform at New Carrollton Station and increasing the number of high level platforms at Baltimore Penn Station to allow for greater operability of train service.
  • Upgrading 30 miles of track between Washington Union Station and Baltimore Penn Station to be able to operate at higher speeds.
  • Improving the ride quality along the NEC, for a more comfortable journey.
  • Improving our maintenance facilities to provide best in class servicing of train equipment.

Launch Date

The Next Generation High-Speed Rail Infrastructure Improvements will be complete in 2023.