Experience the new app dashboard

The new dashboard is your central hub.  This is the first screen you see shows your your upcoming travel, Amtrak Guest Rewards status and next station.  

Login with your Amtrak Guest Rewards Account

When you login to your Amtrak Guest Rewards account through the app you get the benefits of seeing travel you have booked through Amtrak.com or the app.  Plus we make it easier to purchase travel because we use your account information to fill in your information.

Quickly access your eTickets from the dashboard

We’ve made accessing your eTickets easier and faster.  No more waiting for the internet or digging to find reservation numbers.  Conductors can scan the barcode or tap it for a bigger version.

Enhancements throughout the app

From easily accessible purchase summaries to more information about Amtrak we have made improvements throughout the app.  And we’re not done.  Expect more functionality as we continue to make the app easier to use.