New Reduced Multi-Ride and Monthly Fares on Northeast Regional

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Save on Multi-Ride and Monthly Passes on the Full Northeast Regional Route

Starting September 15, the cost of monthly tickets on Northeast Regional will be reduced up to 40% and 50% for 10-ride tickets. Reduced pricing will be available across the whole Northeast Regional route, from Boston to Virginia.

Amtrak is leading the way by setting a new standard of travel with enhanced safety measures. In an effort to simplify and safeguard the travel experience, several measures have been integrated into every part of the customer journey — from time of booking to the moment of arrival. We continue to evaluate current practices and launch new initiatives to support personal safety.

With our newest program — Amtrak RideReserve — all passengers traveling with monthly, ten-ride or six-ride tickets will be required to confirm their intended trip on reserved services through, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak agent prior to boarding. This allows us to ensure a seat onboard for each passenger and to account for every passenger traveling with a multi-ride ticket prior to boarding; thus ensuring you have the safest and most comfortable journey possible.

We’ll also be able to improve our communications with multi-ride ticket holders to help you plan your travel in advance, with email, text and push travel notifications like gate and track notifications, delay notifications, schedule changes and disruption notices.

Program Terms

  • Effective for travel beginning September 14, 2020.
  • Amtrak RideReserve confirmations can be made through, the Amtrak app or an Amtrak Agent.
  • You can have up to two confirmations per travel day; once in each direction.
  • You can make confirmations as early as 14 days prior to your departure date or as late as your scheduled departure time through or the Amtrak app; or until your actual departure time via an Amtrak agent.
  • Only required on reserved services.
  • Seats may not be available on all trains at all times.
  • Your Multi-Ride ticket does not entitle you to travel without a RideReserve confirmation.
  • If you don’t use RideReserve to make your confirmation prior to boarding a train, you will be considered an unticketed passenger and current Amtrak Carriage of Passengers terms apply.
  10-Ride Monthly
City Pair Before Now Before Now
Boston, MA - Kingston, RI 





New York, NY - Philadelphia, PA





New York, NY - Wilmington, DE





Newark, VA - Philadelphia, PA





Philadelphia, PA - Washington, DC





Wilmington, DE - Washington, DC





Washington, DC- Richmond, VA





Washington, DC - Ashland, VA





Washington, DC - Fredericksburg, VA





Washington, DC - Quantico, VA





Making an Amtrak RideReserve confirmation is easy — just follow these four simple steps:

Find a Trip

Purchase a multi-ride ticket, retrieve your ticket and click "Find Trains."

Pick a Date

Purchase a multi-ride ticket, retrieve your ticket and click "Find Trains."

Choose a Trip

Select the train you plan to take from the trip options and click "Confirm."

Trip Confirmed

View your RideReserve confirmation. You're now ready to board.