Northwest Train Routes

The enjoyment of train riding in the Northwest is unending. Travel in the Northwest and British Columbia on sleek, European-designed trains while you appreciate the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest on the Amtrak Cascades; see the Pacific Northwest in style with the Coast Starlight or trace the footsteps of the early pioneers with a trip aboard the Empire Builder.

Coast Starlight Route


Coast Starlight

Seattle - Portland - Los Angeles

Break free of congested airports and freeways to get up-close-and-personal with America’s spectacular West Coast. Hug rocky coastlines, glide beside the majestic Cascade Mountains and immerse yourself in the creativity and energy of the great cities of Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. Discover inspiration at every stop, where history, nature and adventure create memories that will linger long after your journey ends.

"The Pacific is my home ocean…I know its moods, its color, its nature." — John Steinbeck