Carriage of Passengers

Updated December 6, 2012

A ticket shall be valid for carriage or refund one year after date of purchase, unless otherwise provided.

Reservations must be made when required, and tickets are not transferable. If you do not board your train as booked, your entire reservation is subject to cancellation. In order to ensure the quality of travel and safety and security of its passengers, Amtrak may refuse to carry passengers:

  • Who have not paid the applicable fare;
  • Who present an Amtrak ticket purchased from an unauthorized third party. Amtrak tickets may only be sold or issued by Amtrak or an authorized travel agent/tour operator. Any ticket purchased from an unauthorized third party will be voided. The ticket holder will not be eligible for travel or for a refund.
  • Whose conduct is objectionable (such as, but not limited to, being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics);
  • Whose personal hygiene makes them offensive;
  • Who pose a health, safety or security hazard to other passengers or employees;
  • Who refuse to comply with safety or security rules or with instructions of Amtrak personnel;
  • Who would require Amtrak personnel to provide personal care services or otherwise do not meet the essential requirements for the receipt of Amtrak services; or
  • Who refuse to consent to Amtrak security inspections of persons and/or baggage onboard Amtrak trains and/or at designated areas, such as train platforms and passenger boarding or waiting areas.

Amtrak employees or other authorized carrier representatives may remove such a passenger from the train at any inhabited place, as necessary under the circumstances, for any of the above reasons.