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California Train Routes

California Zephyr | Chicago - Denver - Glenwood Springs - Emeryville (San Francisco)

Ride Amtrak to the Mile High City, where there's more to savor than mountain fresh air. Colorado is home to more than 140 craft breweries, close to 90 of which are in the city of Denver alone. The city's annual Great American Beer Festival showcases the tastes of more than 800 breweries. Local businesses offer beer-inspired menus and tours during Denver Beer Week. Beautiful sights and beer flights are just an Amtrak away. 

Top 10 Breweries to Visit on the California Zephyr:

  • Corridor Brewery & Provisions (32 mins from CHI)
  • Forbidden Root Restaurant & Brewery (19 mins from CHI)
  • Revolution Brewing (27 mins from CHI)
  • Cerebral Brewing (15 mins from DEN) 
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. (7 mins from DEN)
  • Novel Strand Brewing Company (12 mins from DEN)
  • Casey Brewing Taproom (2 mins from GSC)
  • Ball Brewing (15 mins from GSC)
  • Wondorous Brewing Company (6 mins from EMY)
  • The Rare Barrel (7 mins from EMY)

Coast Starlight and Amtrak Cascades | Seattle - Portland - Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC - Seattle - Tacoma - Portland - Salem - Eugene

Let Amtrak's Cascades or Coast Starlight take you to Beervana, better known as Portland, where close to 70 brewers invite you to taste the magic they brew from regional barley and hops. Make one trip - or several - to enjoy seasonal beer festivals or the annual Beer Week. And if you just can't get enough, hop off in Eugene and head east to Bend to explore the Bend Ale Trail. The Northwest's best brews are only an Amtrak away. 

Top 10 Breweries to Visit on the Coast Starlight and Amtrak Cascades:

  • Stoup Brewing (10 mins from SEA)
  • Urban Family Brewing Co. (15 mins from SEA)
  • Reuben's Brews (16 mins from SEA)
  • Far Isle Brewing (15 mins from SEA)
  • Wayfinder Beer (7 mins from PDX)
  • Great Notion Brewing (8 mins from PDX)
  • Breakside Brewery (6 mins from PDX)
  • 7 Seas Brewery and Taproom ( 5 mins from TAC)
  • Manifest Beer Company (6 mins from EUG)
  • Hop Valley Brewing Co (4 mins from EUG)

Midwest Train Route

Hiawatha | Milwaukee - Chicago

Skip the driving and take Amtrak's Hiawatha from Chicago to America's original brew town: Milwaukee, where beer, brats, and cheese curds are calling. Get your pub crawl moving with a "peddle pub" tour to some of the city's hottest neighborhoods, like the Third Ward, Walker's Point,  and Bayview. The places where independent brewers are pouring new life into the City that Beer Made. Suds and smiles are just an Amtrak away. 

Top 10 Breweries to Visit on the Hiawtha:

  • Ope Brewing (15 mins from MKE)
  • Lakefront Brewery (11 mins from MKE)
  • The Copper Turtle Brewery & Taverne (6 mins from MKE)
  • MobCraft Beer (5 mins from MKE)
  • Wizard Works Brewing (9 mins from MKE)
  • Pilot Project Brewing (6 mins from MKE)
  • Great Central Brewing Company (13 mins from CHI)
  • Solemn Oath Brewery Still Life ( 30 mins from CHI)
  • District Brew Yards (14 mins from CHI)
  • Half Acre Beer Company (35 mins from CHI)

Northeast Train Route

Northeast Regional | Boston-Providence/Springfield - Hartford - New York - Washington, DC - Roanoke/Richmond - Norfolk/ Newport News - Virginia Beach

Virginia's craft beer scene just keeps "brewing" new opportunities, with hoppy heavyweights along the East Coast. But that's not all - there are hundreds of locally owned breweries sprouting up all over the Commonwealth and some localities have created Craft Beer Trails to get them. Whether you are team foodie or team food truck, you can find mouthwatering meals at many Virginia breweries. Barrels of fun are just an Amtrak Away.

Top 8 Breweries to Visit on the Northeast Regional:

  • Alewerks Brewing Company (10mins from WBG)
  • Big Lick Brewing Company (2 min. from RNK)
  • The Virginia Beer Company (15 min. from WBG)
  • Port City Brewing (15 min. from ALX)
  • O'Connor Brewing Co. ( 15 min from NFK)
  • Hardywood Park (10 min. from RVM)
  • Center of the Universe Brewing Co. (5 min. from ASD)
  • Smartmouth Brewing Co. (15 min from NFK) 
  • Trapezium Brewing (5 min. from PTB)

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