Employee Resource Groups at Amtrak

Our Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, employee-led groups. ERGs are independent of any department and have formed based on shared interests, identities, characteristics or life experiences. ERGs are a forum for employees to connect, contribute and build community. Each ERG promotes diversity, inclusion and belonging by raising awareness and ensuring that group members have a voice in the organization. And they work to provide members with career and personal development opportunities. Our ERGs are, A. Philip Randolph, Asian Pacific American, Don’t DIS our ABILITY, Express Pride, Military Community Network, Notch 8, Train of Thought and UNIDOS. The leadership teams of these groups have voluntarily stepped up to the feat of organizing ERG programming, driving membership and being champions for DI&B here at Amtrak. Look at our collective ERG accomplishments in this video.



ERG Goals and Missions

A. Philip Randolph


Named after civil rights champion A. Philip Randolph, who led and organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters—the first predominantly African American labor union, the A. Philip Randolph ERG strives to promote an environment that fosters and cultivates Black/African American productivity and creativity. Their goal is to increase awareness of cultural differences within their community and the Amtrak community at large. They seek to create a welcoming environment to help employees feel supported; promote individual and collective growth through various resources and networking opportunities; and focus on areas such as recruitment, retention and professional development. Additionally, they work to strengthen the values of Amtrak by being inclusive and open to differences so that everyone feels valued and welcomed.

Asian Pacific American


The mission of the Amtrak Asian Pacific American (APA) ERG is to foster networking, professional development, mentoring and leadership opportunities with a focus on the recruitment, retention, learning and advancement of Asian Pacific Americans at Amtrak. They also work as a strategic partner with Amtrak to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging through continual learning.



Don’t DIS our ABILITY's goal is to be a strategic partner with Amtrak by promoting a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging through continual learning. DDOA is working to help advance the understanding and inclusion of employees with a common background, set of interests and goals. This group strives to be a support system, cheerleader and resource for all employees with a disability, whether visible or invisible. The end goal of the Don’t DIS our ABILITY ERG will be to always encourage, uplift and educate.

Express Pride


Express Pride provides a supportive and affirming atmosphere for employees who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. The Express Pride ERG supports professional development; works with leadership on policies and practices; fosters a sense of belonging; and engages our workforce to create spaces where each employee can feel comfortable expressing one’s individuality while celebrating diversity. Additionally, the group works to support the recruitment, retention and professional development of employees, provide opportunities for employees to connect personally and professionally and provide support and education on LGBTQIA+ issues and issues faced by allies.

Military Community Network


The mission of the Military Community Network is to be a strategic partner with Amtrak to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging through continual learning. The Military Community Network works to advance the understanding and inclusion of veterans, active-duty service members, military spouses and their allies at Amtrak. The vision, mission, goals, policies and activities of the Military Community Network are fully aligned with Amtrak’s mission, goals and policies.

Notch 8


Notch 8 is a women-led and all-volunteer organization that aspires to lead the Amtrak community to reach their full potential. Women and men are welcome to attend events and step forward to participate in leadership roles on committees and the Steering Committee.

Train of Thought


Train of Thought's mission is to be a strategic partner with Amtrak to promote a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging by promoting psychological safety and reducing mental health stigma.



UNIDOS works to create a diverse community of trust, belonging and inclusion that focuses on professional development, cultural awareness and support for Hispanic/Latino(a)(x) employees and their allies. They achieve this by Increasing the number of Hispanic/Latinx employees across the company, hosting professional development programs designed to advance Hispanic/Latino(a) leadership, being open to all employees and creating experiences that enhance all employees’ understanding and enjoyment of Hispanic/Latino(a) culture.