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Wheeled Mobility Device Services

Boarding and Detraining

Amtrak will provide assistance to passengers with a disability who use a wheeled mobility device in the following situations:

  • High Platforms: Amtrak will assist you across the gap between the platform and the train by using a bridge plate.
  • Low-Level Platforms: Amtrak will provide access to the train through the use of station-based mobile lifts.
  • Bi-Level Trains: Amtrak will provide a ramp or station-based mobile lift to provide access to the lower level of the train.
Remaining in Your Wheeled Mobility Device or Transferring to a Seat

There are two onboard seating options for passengers that travel with wheeled mobility devices. These options are dictated by the type of device identified during a booking for accessible services. Accessible space and seats are available on Coach, Business Class and First Class cars.

  • If you use a wheeled mobility device that is not identified as collapsible, you must remain seated in your device en route to your destination. Amtrak recommends that your brakes be applied when the train is in motion.
  • If you travel with a collapsible wheelchair, you must transfer to an accessible seat and stow your wheelchair nearby. Onboard Amtrak personnel will assist you with stowing the device if requested.
Wheeled Mobility Device Specifications

Amtrak trains accommodate most wheeled mobility devices in use today.

  • Dimensions: The device should not exceed 30 inches (76 centimeters) wide and 48 inches (122 centimeters) long, and should have a minimum of 2 inches (5 centimeters) of ground clearance.
  • Weight: The weight limit for an occupied wheeled mobility device is 600 lbs (273 kg).
  • Manual and battery powered: Amtrak permits both manually operated and battery powered wheeled mobility devices that meet these specifications.