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Meals & Dining

Meals & Dining Onboard the Amtrak Trains
Onboard Dining Options

Whether it's a full sit-down meal or more informal food service, many trains have one or more option for onboard dining. Learn more about your dining choices, onboard dining reservations and the different types of dining cars.

Meal Offerings & Menus

If you're not hungry now, you might start to hear your stomach rumbling after taking a look at our menus. Find out more about the meals available on long distance trains and explore the enhanced dining options for Acela Express passengers.

Special Diets & Guidelines

See what alternative menu options for those with special dietary requirements are available. Amtrak also offers meal service for passengers with disabilities. Be sure to read the guidelines for bringing personal food, beverages and medication before your travel.

Amtrak Food Facts

Amtrak Food Facts Logo

View nutritional content, caloric information and food allergens for items on our menus. Information is available for menus that provide caloric information on the printed version of the menu. Information is updated when menu changes are made.

Amtrak Culinary Advisory Team

Amtrak has enlisted the expertise of prominent, well respected chefs, restaurateurs and authors to drive ideation and differentiate its onboard menus. This group of celebrity chefs has influenced Amtrak menus and culinary product development by creating exciting, flavorful food with a regional focus.

Members of the team include James Beard Award winning Chef Michel Richard of Washington, DC and Chef Tom Douglas of Seattle. Also on the team are New York city based Chefs Roberto Santibanez and Sara Jenkins.