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Rotating Menus, More Meal & Beverage Selections

On long-distance trains, Dining Cars feature rotating menus, ensuring a variety of meal selections. This system allows passengers to choose from one menu on their outbound trip and enjoy different selections on the return trip.

Amtrak Menus at a Glance

Get a taste of some of our long-distance dining car menus here. To see and download all the menus available on each train, visit the individual route page.

Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast selections include a variety of entrées such as freshly scrambled eggs, three egg omelets with vegetable-cheese filling, French toast with blueberry compote or continental breakfast service with hot or cold cereal, fresh fruit, breakfast bread selection and yogurt. A rotating chef's hot good morning selection is available on each route. Lunch selections include a spicy chipotle-black bean veggie burger, an Angus steak burger, a fresh made vegetarian entrée salad, a warm specialty sandwich and a rotating chef's hot luncheon entrée special.


Entrees include a small tossed salad, warm roll, butter and coffee, tea or milk. Seasonal entrée options include a butcher's hand-cut marinated steak which is described onboard, an herb roast half chicken, a vegetarian pasta entrée, a seafood offering complemented with a contrasting sauce and a special chef's marketplace special that is announced onboard. To complement the onboard experience, cocktails, cold beer and a selection of premium red or white wines are available to purchase in half bottles or by the glass.


Offerings are available on each of the lunch and dinner menus and choices include premium offerings in three distinct menu categories: chocolate, cheesecake and fruit or nut. In addition, Haagen Dazs ice creams and a Cio Bella Sicilian lemon sorbet are also featured.

Children's Menu

The children's menu includes scrambled eggs or French toast for breakfast with hot dogs, pizza, griddled cheese sandwich, chicken tenders and meatballs with penne pasta available for both lunch and dinner. Children can also order from the regular menu as well.