Why Acela? It's All About Comfort

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Whoever said "Half the fun of travel is getting there" must have been talking about riding a train. On Acela, instead of being confined to your seat for the duration of your trip, you can walk to the café car, to a different part of the train, even from one end to the other. So get up and stretch your legs, or find a seat close to a window and enjoy the scenery rolling past.

When you are in your seat, you will appreciate Acela's seat pitch. That's a term transportation companies use to describe the distance between a given part of one seat and the same part on the next seat. Most airlines average 30 to 36 inches. On Acela, we feature a seat pitch of 42 inches or more. That means you can lean your seat back without getting in the way of the passenger behind you.

And if that weren't enough, consider that on Acela, you aren't limited to just peanuts and a soda. You may visit the fully-stocked café car as many times as you'd like. We offer sandwiches, snacks, candy, soft drinks, beer, wine, and other edibles that will satisfy your hunger pangs, no matter how many you have.

For comfort and relaxation, Acela really does have it all.