USA Rail Passes

USA Rail Passes are available in three types with varying travel durations for travel through out the entire United States. Read the USA Rail Pass terms and conditions for travel, reservation and ticket requirements.

For each pass type you are allowed a certain number of travel segments within the travel periods. All travel must be completed within 330 days of purchasing the pass. Pass prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed until actual travel reservations are made.

15 Days

8 Segments

30 Days

12 Segments

45 Days

18 Segments

When is your first day of travel?

Select the month and day of your first day of travel. Travel must begin within one year of the date the pass is issued.

Where and when will you pick up your pass?

Select the city/station where you will pick up your pass. The most commonly used Amtrak stations are listed here; if the one you want is not listed, select the closest city. You can pick up your pass at any Amtrak ticket office even if it is not listed here. Next, select the month and day when you will pick up your pass. The pick-up date must be on or before the first day of travel you selected above.

NOTE:If you do not pick up your pass by the date you specify, your pass will be canceled.