Category: errorMessages

emailRequired Email or AGR Member Number is required.
emailOnlyRequired Email is required.
userIdInvalid Member ID or Email is invalid
userIdRequired Member ID or Email cannot be blank.
memberIdInvalid Invalid Amtrak Guest Rewards ID
emailAddressInvalid Invalid email address
passwordRequired Password field can not be blank.
nameRequired Name is required
nameInvalid Name can only contain letters, hyphens or apostrophes and should always start with a letter and cannot contain two consecutive special characters
errorHeaderText Error
offlineBodyText No data connection. Please check your network and try again.
forcedUpgradeHeaderText Upgrade Required
emailInUse Email address is already in use.
nameMinMax Name must be between 2 and 30 characters.
passResetSuccessMsg Check your email to finish the reset process.
passResetSuccess Password Reset Success
genericErrorMessage The application has encountered an unknown error.
phoneOnlyRequired Phone number is required
phoneInvalid Phone number is invalid
mobileNumberRequired A mobile phone number is required.
emailIdRequired Please enter your e-mail address
trainNumberRequired Train number is required
invalidTrainNumber Invalid train number
travelSearchErrorHeaderText Search Error
sameStationSelectedError The origin and destination stations cannot be the same.
agreeTerm Please agree to the Amtrak Travel Terms
pnrRequired Reservation Number is required.
pnrInvalid Reservation Number should be six characters (0-9 & A-F)
emailOrPhoneRequired mail or Phone is required
emailOrPhoneInvalid Email or Phone is invalid
retrieveReservationErrorMessage Unable to Retrieve Reservation