Amtrak's Onboard Expierence

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Traveling on Amtrak is more than just getting from place to place. It’s about the enjoying your journey aboard. Amtrak is the most sustainable, stress free and convenient way to travel. Amtrak has partnered with Amazon to make learning about Amtrak's experience easier. Ask Alexa to learn more about Amtrak's onboard experience or scroll down. Your experience awaits onboard, so book a trip, relax, and enjoy your journey. 


On most Amtrak trains, you have three options for seating accommodations. The availability of these options varies depending on your route and the type of train equipment in use.

Acela First Class

First Class Private Rooms 

Business Class


Dining Options

From full meals to more informal café service, many trains have one or more options for onboard dining. If you're not hungry now, you might hear your stomach rumbling after looking at our menus. Find out more about the meals available on overnight trains, onboard Café services and the enhanced dining options for Acela customers.

Traditional Dining 

Flexible Dining 


Acela Dining

Unique Benefits

Your next travel adventure is just a train ride away with perks you can’t find anywhere else; from the first class private room experiences to the best baggage policy in travel, the Amtrak advantage is an upgrade from start to finish — and all of the spectacular in-between. Learn more about the experience that awaits you onboard, then book a trip, relax and enjoy your journey.

Sightseer Lounge

Quiet Car

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