Introducing The National

Amtrak's Onboard Magazine and Digital Content Portal

Amtrak's national magazine celebrates the railroad's unique position as a true American company that unites the country. Whether you're from Hollywood, the Midwest or New England, taking the train means riding Amtrak. By incorporating the Amtrak tagline — "See where the train can take you" — all content or subject matter covered in the magazine can be experienced along the national Amtrak network. The National is a culture magazine that celebrates America and the experience of travel — taking a break from the hectic nature of life to savor the personalities, culture and destinations that can be found around the country. Hand-crafted by some of the best writers, editors and designers, The National will delve into life along the Amtrak network. Every issue will achieve geographical balance including content that touches multiple regions throughout the country.

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Each bi-monthly issue will be a highly engaging read consisting of the following sections:


Dispatches from around the country: snackable content and colorful vignettes about authentic people, places and experiences around the country that are distinctly American.

Next Stop

A longform feature on a person, an organization or a scene that is endeavoring to preserve or bring attention to an important piece of American culture or history.

Made In America

A profile of a different American company making a name for itself in its respective field, while at the same time reinvigorating manufacturing in its community.

Rail Life

Vignettes about authentic people, places and experiences around the country.

The National Conversation

Q&A with a celebrity or a well-known thought leader on an issue that is culturally relevant.

Photography Highlight

Train of Thought, with fine art photography documenting a different leg of the Amtrak route map, and a personal essay related to train travel.