Unreserved Coach Class Seat

Only a few short-distance routes have unreserved coach seating, where tickets are valid on any train unless restricted by the fare paid. Seating is not guaranteed.

Unreserved Coach Class gets you a comfortable seat with fold down trays, individual reading lights, and the ability to recline. Short-distance routes offering unreserved coach seats include:

  • Capitol Corridor: Auburn - Sacramento - Emeryville (San Francisco) - Oakland - San Jose
  • Hiawatha: Milwaukee - Chicago
  • Keystone: Philadelphia - Harrisburg OnlyPacific
  • Surfliner: San Luis Obispo - Santa Barbara - Los Angeles - San Diego
Feature Short-Distance Day Train
wide comfortable seat  
ample legroom  
reclining seat  
fold-down trays  
overhead storage  
individual reading lights  
at-seat electric outlets  
accessible seating  
restrooms within the car  
guaranteed seats