Golf Bags as Baggage

Golf bags are permitted as carry-on baggage aboard select Midwest corridor trains for a $10 charge. Passengers planning to travel with golf bags should refer to the information below. Other restrictions may apply.

Carry-on Golf Bags

  • Passengers must make carry-on golf bag reservations prior to boarding the train.
  • Carry-on golf bag reservations can only be made by speaking with a reservation agent at 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245) or a ticket agent at an Amtrak station. Carry-on golf bag reservations cannot be made through or Quik-Trak self-serve ticketing kiosks. Please note: Passengers who have previously made a reservation that includes a golf bag charge may obtain their tickets through Quik-Trak kiosks.
  • A $10 charge per one-way trip is applied to each carry-on golf bag reservation, and a separate ticket will be issued. Passengers must present the golf bag ticket to the conductor with their travel ticket.
  • Golf clubs must be carried in a bag or case that includes a cover that prevents the clubs from falling out. The bag, case or cover must be securely fastened by zippers or other fasteners. The passenger's name, address and phone number must be on a tag that is attached to the golf bag.
Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin Service Trains Accepting Carry-on Golf Bags
Chicago - Carbondale Chicago - Grand Rapids
Illini - Trains 392 and 393 Pere Marquette - Trains 370 and 371
Saluki - Trains 390 and 391  
Chicago - St. Louis - Kansas City Chicago - Port Huron - Pontiac
Lincoln Service Blue Water - Trains 364 and 365
- Trains 300, 302, 304 and 306  
- Trains 301, 303, 305 and 307 Wolverine Service
  - Trains 350, 352 and 354
Missouri River Runner - Trains 351, 353 and 355
- Trains 311, 313, 314 and 316  
Chicago - Galesburg - Quincy Chicago - Milwaukee
Carl Sandburg - Trains 381 and 382 Hiawatha Service
Ilinois Zephyr - Trains 380 and 383 - Trains 330, 332, 334, 336, 338, 340 and 342
  - Trains 329, 331, 333, 335, 337, 339 and 341

Checked Baggage Option

Passengers may also check golf bags at stations that offer checked baggage. A $5 handling charge applies. Golf bags are only accepted at stations that offer checked baggage or aboard trains that accept golf bags as carry-on baggage. Golf carts are not accepted.